AUGUSTA – Governor Janet Mills submitted her first biennial budget to the State Legislature. An overview of the budget can be found here. She is scheduled to deliver her State of the Budget address next Monday, Feb. 11 at 7:00 p.m.

Members of Democratic Leadership released the following statements:


Senate President Troy Jackson:

Budgets are about priorities, vision and responsibility. With the new administration, Mainers are looking to state leaders and lawmakers alike to make it a little easier to live, work, raise a family and quite frankly just get by. The governor’s budget proposal marks the start of a long but important process. I look forward to working with the Mills Administration in the upcoming months. In the Senate, we’ve committed to working to lower property taxes, improve health care — cost, quality and accessibility — and invest in fair, good-paying jobs, education and workforce development. All of these issues have been at the forefront of our agenda for the better part of the past decade and we will continue to fight for policies that bring us closer to our goal.”


Speaker of the House Sara Gideon:

“Governor Mills’ budget demonstrates her clear commitment to making progress for Maine families, while working to rebuild state government. I look forward to carefully reviewing the details of this budget knowing that House Democrats and I will remain laser focused on giving our children an excellent education from early childhood onwards, increasing access to affordable and accessible healthcare, making smart investments in broadband infrastructure and lowering property taxes. The legislative branch will continue to work closely with the governor to fulfill these obligations to our people and I look forward to the end result of a productive and dynamic budget that works for all Mainers.”


Senate Chair of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee Cathy Breen:

“The biennial budget provides a framework for Maine’s financial future. It’s vital that this budget addresses some of our most urgent challenges, reflects the priorities of Mainers and makes smart, targeted investments in the future of our state. Over the past month, Rep. Gattine and I have met with many constituents, advocacy organizations, businesses and experts to gather their input and priorities. With these in mind, I look forward to delving into the governor’s proposal and vision for the next two years. In addition, I am eager to start our public hearings on this proposal, during which we’ll hear from our colleagues in the Legislature and from people from all over Maine. The members of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.”


House Chair of the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee Drew Gattine:

“The Appropriations Committee will begin the hard work of crafting a budget that reflects the shared values of Maine people and I thank Governor Mills for this thoughtful proposal that provides an excellent framework and starting point for our work ahead. Our committee will dig into the details, listen to public testimony and spend many hours focusing on how we can improve the lives of Maine families, support seniors and people with disabilities, strengthen our schools and create more opportunities to bolster our economy.  I’m optimistic the committee will work together to finalize a budget that Maine people can be proud of and I look forward to Governor Mills State of the Budget presentation on Monday evening.”