Jackson earns perfect score from Democracy Maine for 2021 Voting Record

AUGUSTA — Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, received a perfect score from Democracy Maine’s 2021 Legislative Scorecard for his voting record to clean up state government, get money out of politics and safeguard democracy. President Jackson was one of 15 members of the Maine Senate to earn a perfect score. 

“Mainers expect their elected leaders to advocate for their families, fight for their communities and represent their best interests in Augusta. However, with the influx of corporate money and special interests in our politics, it’s hard for regular people to compete and ensure their voice is heard,” said President Jackson. “This session, I fought to ensure working people and seniors can exercise their right to vote and banned corporate contributions for political candidates. I hope it sends a clear message to Maine people: Our government and our democracy is not for sale.”

This session, President Jackson co-sponsored legislation along with Sen. Louie Luchini, D-Ellsworth, to ban corporate contributions to political candidates running for state office. 

President Jackson also supported legislation to fully implement ranked-choice voting, to open up Maine’s primary system to unenrolled voters, to include racial impact statements as part of the legislative process, and other measures protecting the rights of Maine people to vote.

Democracy Maine is a collaboration between three nonpartisan organizations, the League of Women Voters of MaineMaine Citizens for Clean Elections, and Maine Students Vote, that work together to lead Maine in advocating for voter rights, campaign finance reform, modern and secure elections, government ethics, and voter education and engagement.

The coalition scored nine initiatives considered by the 130th Maine Legislature. Democracy Maine’s 2021 Legislative Scorecard can be viewed at democracymaine.org/2021scorecard


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