Jackson lauds “Buy American” Executive Order, calls for states to follow suit

AUGUSTA – Senate President Troy Jackson of Allagash released the following statement after President Joe Biden signed a new Executive Order strengthening “Buy American” policies across the federal government:


“Throughout this pandemic, American workers and manufacturers have stepped up to serve our state and our country. We owe it to them to have their backs. With this Executive Order, President Biden is making good on his commitment to American workers and manufacturers to ensure our taxpayer dollars aren’t spent creating jobs overseas, but rather supporting the people and good-paying jobs in working-class communities all across this country. Now, it’s time for states to do the same.

“This year, I’ve once again filed Buy American, Build Maine legislation. To me, it’s simple – the Maine Legislature represents 1.3 million Maine people. We should be doing everything we can to put them first. Buy American, Build Maine legislation is about supporting Maine workers, Maine-based businesses, and good-paying Maine jobs wherever taxpayer dollars are spent. It’s a straightforward proposal that is long overdue. I’m grateful for the strong leadership we are seeing at the federal level and look forward to Maine following suit.”


Pres. Jackson has championed “Buy American, Build Maine” legislation at the state-level since 2013. Once again, he has introduced a bill this year to support good-paying Maine jobs and American-manufactured goods whenever the state spends taxpayer dollars. 


Previous versions of the bill have been supported by prominent members of Maine’s business community including Kathie Leonard, President/co-founder of Auburn Manufacturing, Inc., Ben Waxman, Co-founder of American Roots, Adam Lee, Chairman of Lee Auto Group, and Mary Allen Lindemann, Co-founder of Coffee By Design


The latest proposal will be assigned a legislative document number, referred to a committee, and scheduled for a public hearing later this year.

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