Pres. Jackson endorses measure to support snowmobile clubs and volunteers

AUGUSTA –  Rep. Roland “Danny” Martin, D-Sinclair, presented his bill, LD 280, An Act To Increase Funding for Snowmobile Trails and Capital Equipment Grants, to the Legislature’s Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on Wednesday. 

Martin’s bill changes the resident and nonresident registration fees for snowmobiles and uses the increased fees to help fund the Snowmobile Trail Fund and the Off-Road Vehicle Division of the Bureau of Parks and Lands. Similar to LD 446, An Act To Appropriate Funds to the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry To Maintain Snowmobile Trails, introduced in the 129th Legislature by Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, LD 280 allows for increased funding to be used for snowmobile trail grooming and maintenance.

“In Maine, snowmobiling is more than just a beloved recreational pastime; it is a critical economic driver for rural parts of the state. However, much of the trail upkeep is costly and falls on the local snowmobile clubs, which are primarily volunteer-driven,” said President Jackson. “It’s high time we invest more funds in the local clubs and volunteers to ensure that snowmobiling continues to support rural communities for years to come. I’m grateful that Rep. Danny Martin has put forward this bill and am looking forward to passing it into law.”

“Our snowmobile trails are used for far more than recreation,” said Martin. “Many community members rely on these trails daily, and they require regular grooming to maintain their integrity and safety.”

The Committee on Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will hold a work session on LD 280 in the coming weeks, at which point they will vote on a recommendation to the entire Legislature.

Martin, who is serving his fourth term in the Maine House, represents the communities of Frenchville, Grand Isle, Madawaska, St. Agatha and Van Buren, plus the unorganized territory of Square Lake (including Cross Lake, Madawaska Lake and Sinclair Townships). He serves as House chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Transportation.



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