Pres. Jackson honors Mapleton resident named Forest Service Employee of the Year

AUGUSTA – On Friday, Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, honored Ranger Carson Hartman of Mapleton with a legislative sentiment for being named 2022 Employee of the Year from the Forest Protection Division of the Maine Forest Service. 

“At a time when wildfires and other natural disasters have become more prevalent in neighboring states and provinces, and across the country, Mainers can take comfort knowing that folks like Ranger Carson Hartman are at the helm in the Forest Protection Division of Maine’s Forest Service,” said President Jackson. “Congratulations to Ranger Hartman for this well-deserved recognition. I am grateful for your exemplary service to Aroostook County and the entire state.”

Ranger Hartman was accompanied by his wife Angela and young son Kylen for the recognition. 

A Legislative Sentiment represents a significant expression of the Maine Legislature in recognition of civic and public achievements. 

The mission of Forest Protection is to protect Maine’s forest resources and homes from wildfire, respond to disasters and emergencies and to enhance the safe, sound, and responsible management of the forest for this and future generations.


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