Pres. Jackson honors the life of Charles Scontras

The late Charles Scontras depicted in the the History of Maine Labor Mural by Judy Taylor. It currently hangs in the Maine State Museum directly across from the Maine State House.

AUGUSTA – Senate President Troy Jackson of Allagash released the following statement honoring the life and legacy of Charles Scontras, a noted Maine author, labor historian and University of Maine professor, after his passing yesterday:

“This morning, I was heartbroken to learn about the passing of Charles Scontras, a man who spent his life writing down and passing on the stories of working Mainers, as an author and professor at the University of Maine. All too often, the stories of the working-class get lost in the pages of history, with people in power taking center stage. For Charles, it was different. He understood that it was the stories and struggles of workers that needed to be taught and told.

Charles redefined what it meant to be a lifelong educator, captivating new students long after he retired through his Facebook Page, where he brought the history of Maine’s labor movement to life. He would often draw upon events of the past, offering insight, guidance and lessons on the present-day struggles of working people. With every new power struggle or growing movement, Charles was ready with a relevant anecdote and some sage advice. It’s why many people considered him to be a godfather of the Maine labor movement – myself included.

“On behalf of the Maine Senate, and working people all across this state, I want to extend my deepest condolences to Charles’ family, friends and loved ones. We owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for capturing the history of Maine workers and passing these lessons on to the next generation. The best way to honor Charles’s life is to carry out his legacy whether it’s fighting for the rights of loggers in the northern Maine words or standing up for the nurses trying to organize at Maine Medical Center. It’s what he fought for until the very end.”


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