Pres. Jackson praises federal commitment to ‘Buy American’, calls on state to do the same

AUGUSTA – Today, President Joe Biden unveiled his “American Jobs Plan,” which invests in American workers, good-paying jobs and the country’s deteriorating infrastructure. 
Senate President Troy Jackson of Allagash released the following statement praising the plan for its commitment to support American jobs and goods:

“For years, I’ve been calling on the state and federal government to promote and protect American workers and American-made products. If there is work that needs to be done in this state and this country, and taxpayers are footing the bill, then the people living, working and paying taxes in this country should have the opportunity to do the job. Yet, too often our government spends taxpayer dollars supporting jobs and businesses based out-of-state or overseas. 

“President Biden’s ‘American Jobs Plan’ makes it clear that the federal government is heading in a new direction, one that recognizes the quality and value of American workers and goods. It channels the power of American workers to transform the crumbling infrastructure in this country from our roads and bridges to high speed-reliable internet and child care. This policy change is both welcome and long overdue. 

“I’m grateful that President Biden continues to make good on his commitment to American workers. It’s time for Maine to do the same, which is why I have once again introduced ‘Buy American, Build Maine’ legislation. We owe it to the 1.3 million people living and working in this state to ensure taxpayer dollars go towards supporting and rebuilding our local economy.” 

Pres. Jackson has championed “Buy American, Build Maine” legislation at the state-level since 2013. Once again, he has introduced a bill this year to support good-paying Maine jobs and American-manufactured goods whenever the state spends taxpayer dollars. 
Previous versions of the bill have been supported by prominent members of Maine’s business community including  Kathie Leonard, President/co-founder of Auburn Manufacturing, Inc., Ben Waxman, Co-founder of American Roots, Adam Lee, Chairman of Lee Auto Group, and Mary Allen Lindemann, Co-founder of Coffee By Design. 

The proposal will be assigned a legislative document number, referred to committee and scheduled for a public hearing later this year. 


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