Pres. Jackson releases statement following electoral college vote

AUGUSTA – On Monday, all four of Maine’s presidential electors cast their ballots during a convening of the Electoral College in Augusta. 

Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, served as Sergeant-at-Arms during the proceedings in the House Chamber, and released the following statement: 

“Now that all members of the electoral college have formally cast their vote for President, the election is officially over. It’s time to put the bitterness of the campaign behind us and come together as Americans. We need each other to get through this crisis and begin rebuilding our states, our country and our economy.”

Maine’s presidential electors for Joe Biden were Jay Philbrick, representing Congressional District 1, David Bright, at-large, and Hon. Shenna Bellows, at-large. The presidential elector for Donald J. Trump was Peter Laverdiere, representing Congressional District 2. In Maine, the law requires electoral college delegates to honor the will of Maine voters with their votes.



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