Pres. Jackson, Senate Democrats return to Augusta to focus on health care, high-speed internet and the economy

AUGUSTA —  The Maine Legislature returns to Augusta today for the start of the second regular session of the 129th Legislature. This session, Senate Democrats intend to build on last year’s success on prescription drug reform, property tax relief and economic development.

In the second session, lawmakers will consider upwards of 650 bills, including governor’s bills, carry-over bills and other bills deemed emergency in nature as outlined by the Maine Constitution. The statutory date of adjournment for the shorter second session is April 15. 

Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, Senate Majority Leader Nate Libby, D-Lewiston, and Assistant Senate Majority Leader Eloise Vitelli, D-Arrowsic released the following statements:

President Jackson:

“Today is an opportunity to start fresh, roll-up our sleeves and pick up where we left off last session. Since the Legislature adjourned in June, my colleagues and I have held town halls, visited with small business owners, had coffee with seniors and met with constituents. We’ve heard about the high cost of health care, lack of reliable high-speed internet and the need to support our workers and small businesses. Now, it’s time to take action,” said President Jackson. “My colleagues and I are ready to hit the ground running to lower health care costs, improve internet access and invest in our workers and economy. We’re ready to deliver for Maine people.”

Senator Libby:

“We have a real opportunity over the next few months to pass measures that will help set young Mainers and future generations up for success by investing in a variety of education and career pathways. We need to make sure more of our young people can stay to live and work in Maine, and that more families know that this is the place to be to raise their kids and grow their careers. When we support our schools as well as our heritage and emerging industries, we can give our workforce and our economy a much-needed boost.”

Senator Vitelli:

“It was good to reflect on all we were able to do last session, and take time to meet with voters across our districts. From tackling dishonest student loan companies, to reducing the price of prescription drugs, to lowering property taxes, the progress we made last session will make a real difference for so many Mainers. Now, I’m eager to get to work building on our successes from last year. We’ve laid the groundwork for positive change, and we have the ability to do even more. From helping older Mainers to protecting our natural resource-based economies, we’re going to keep working to support Maine people and our way of life.” 


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