Pres. Jackson, Sens. Vitelli, Daughtry re-elected to leadership posts

AUGUSTA – Today, the members of the Maine Senate Democrats unanimously voted to re-elect Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, Senate Majority Leader Eloise Vitelli, D-Arrowsic, and Assistant Senate Majority Leader Matthea Daughtry, D-Brunswick, to leadership positions for the 131st Maine Legislature. 

A formal vote will be held for President of the Maine Senate when the Legislature reconvenes for swearing-in day on Wednesday, Dec. 7. With the unanimous support of the Senate Democratic Caucus, President Jackson is expected to continue in the role of Senate President for the next two years. 

“Throughout this campaign season, one thing remained constant: Maine people are worried not just about the future but about what is going to happen tomorrow — how they are going to make ends meet, provide for their families and afford to retire. And they’ve entrusted us to do everything we can to help. Whether it’s the rising cost of energy, corporate greed or out-of-control prescription drug prices, Mainers are counting on us to do something about it,” said President Jackson. “Solving the challenges that lay before us won’t be easy, but it is the job we were elected to do. With this leadership team, I know we can deliver. I’m truly honored to have the opportunity to serve my colleagues, the people of Aroostook County and the entire state as President of the Maine Senate.”

A fifth-generation logger from Allagash, President Jackson first entered politics after participating in the 1998 border blockade over unfair wages, working conditions and labor practices. In the Legislature, he has emerged as a fierce advocate for working-class families and older Mainers. In recent years, he has spearheaded efforts to lower prescription drug costs, improve access to health care, create good-paying jobs, invest in education, fund nursing homes and save the Caribou Veterans’ Home. 

In 2018, Sen. Jackson was selected by his peers to serve as President of the Maine Senate, making him the first person from Aroostook County to preside over the Senate in more than 60 years. This session will mark his third consecutive term as Senate President.

“Being entrusted by voters to represent them in the Maine Senate is a tremendous honor and responsibility. Being entrusted by my fellow senators to serve as Majority Leader only enhances those feelings. After serving in Senate leadership for four years, I’m humbled to be chosen once again to serve as majority leader for the 131st Legislature,” said Sen. Vitelli. “Mainers are counting on us to come together and find solutions to the most dire problems they’re facing. Maine Senate Democrats are ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work, today.”

Sen. Vitelli has dedicated her life to supporting Maine workers and small businesses, promoting entrepreneurship and connecting Mainers with quality, good-paying jobs. She retired after 38 years with New Ventures Maine, a statewide organization that helps Maine people achieve their career, financial and small business goals. In the Maine Legislature, she has become a staunch advocate for prescription drug price transparency, workforce training, reliable high-speed internet access, energy independence and retirement savings accounts.

“Each of us has been charged by our constituents, friends, and neighbors to help steer Maine through our current economic storm, and whatever problems come our way. Meeting this task head-on will require all of us to provide calm, steady, empathetic and accessible leadership to all of our constituents. I am honored to be facing this uncertainty with such a dedicated group of public servants,” said Sen. Daughtry. “I will work tirelessly — alongside Senate President Jackson and Sen. Vitelli — to make sure the people of Maine know we are here for them and we’re working for them, every step of the way.”

Sen. Daughtry co-owns and brews at Moderation Brewing Company and is serving her second term in the Maine Senate. During her time in both the House of Representatives and Senate, she has championed policies that made a difference to her hometown, region and the entire state. Sen. Daughtry has served as both Senate and House Chair of the Legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee, where she has authored and passed nationally recognized bills to reduce student debt and keep young Mainers here, helping to reduce the “brain-drain” that has plagued the state for too long. Working with local farmers, she has crafted common-sense legislation to protect and improve Maine’s flourishing local food systems. 

Sen. Daughtry was first elected to the position of Assistant Senate Majority Leader in 2021 following the Hon. Nate Libby’s decision to step down from leadership amid increasing professional and family commitments. The 131st Maine Legislature will mark her first full term in this role. 

The 131st Maine Legislature will convene for swearing-in day on Dec. 7. Maine Senate Democrats hold 22 of 35 seats in the Maine Senate.


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