Pres. Jackson walks picket line alongside striking millworkers in Baileyville  

BAILEYVILLE — Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, joined striking millworkers on the picket line outside of Woodland Pulp in Baileyville on Monday. Members of the wood pulp facility’s three unions — International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) Local 1490 (District 4), Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 330-3 and Millwrights Local 1121 — authorized a strike last week following a break down in negotiations with management.
Members of IAM District 4 and SEIU Local 330-3 began striking over the weekend. Members of Millwrights Local 1121 are expected to begin striking the week of Oct. 20.
President Jackson released the following statement in support of the striking workers:
“As a fifth-generation logger, I’m proud to stand in solidarity with the hardworking Mainers on strike in Baileyville. These workers deserve a fair contract that reflects their training, demanding hours and dignity. Management has opted to go a different route, lumping millwrights, pipefitters and machinists into one category despite the unique training and qualifications each role requires. It is a demeaning and shortsighted proposal that threatens the safety of workers.
“This is nothing new. Most Mainers know firsthand what happens when someone at the top of a corporate ladder makes decisions about the time, skills or manpower required to get a job done. The result is usually fewer workers doing more work for less pay in worse conditions. For dangerous professions like logging or those at the mill, the consequences can be deadly.
“Reaching a fair agreement is in everyone’s best interest. Machinists, SEIU Local 330-3 and Millwrights stand ready to negotiate in good faith. It’s time for management to return to the table and do the same with the millworkers who have kept this facility operational for generations.”
President Jackson stands alongside members of IAM District 4 and SEIU Local 330-3 at the picket line in Baileyville (Courtesy of the Machinists).
President Jackson speaks with Lisa Ireson, SEIU Local 3 Business Agent outside of Woodland Pulp in Baileyville (Courtesy of Maine AFL-CIO).

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