Pres. Jackson welcomes $150 million investment in LP Houlton

AUGUSTA – Earlier today, Louisiana-Pacific (LP) announced a $150 million investment to convert Houlton’s Oriented Strand Boardline (OSB) to manufacture SmartSide. LP is a Tennessee-based manufacturer of engineered wood building products. This investment is expected to greatly benefit local and sustainably sourced fiber, increasing consumption by 30 percent. In response to this announcement, Senate President Troy Jackson of Allagash released the following statement:

“I’m thrilled that Lousiana-Pacific intends to expand and invest in Aroostook County. This isn’t just good news for the Houlton; it’s a win for the entire region. An additional market can only benefit Maine loggers, wood-haulers, and the forest products industry.

“It’s clear that the work we are doing as a state to bring in large-scale economic investments to the rural areas is working. The construction of the Penobscot McCrum potato processing facility in Washburn has not only created good-paying jobs but substantially benefited the entire potato industry. I’m hopeful we can build on this success with LP Houlton. I look forward to working with their team and community leaders in the County to protect good-paying jobs and maximize economic opportunities in the area.”


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