Pres. Jackson welcomes Limestone Troop 193 to the Maine State House

President Jackson withTroop 193 with their Scout Leaders and family members at the Rostrum of the Senate Chamber.

AUGUSTA – On Tuesday, Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, welcomed students from Scout BSA Troop 193 to the Maine State House. The Scouts, who are from Limestone, Caswell, Caribou, and Ashland were accompanied by Scout Leaders and chaperones and served as Honorary Pages in the Senate.

“It was great to have the Scouts from Troop 193 in the Senate Chamber this week. They were a great group. I’m grateful to their Scout Leaders, especially Kathie Beaulieu, who helped make possible the long trip down from The County that morning,” said President Jackson. “I know the kids all had an early wake-up call, but they did a great job helping run the Chamber during the legislative session.”

Honorary Senate Pages help deliver messages between legislators, open and close the chamber, and can observe up-close the proceedings of the Legislature. If you know of young people from anywhere in the State who may want to serve as Honorary Pages during a legislative session, you can contact the Senate Secretary’s Office at (207) 287-1900.


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