President Jackson lauds release of seniors housing bonds

AUGUSTA—On Tuesday, Senate President Troy Jackson of Allagash joined Gov. Janet T. Mills for the release of $15 million in senior housing bonds. The bonds, which were approved by nearly 70 percent of Maine voters in 2015, will increase the quality, safety and availability of affordable senior housing in Maine.


“As the oldest state in the nation, Maine seniors make up a critical part of our communities and economy. These bonds have always been about making sure that more Mainers have access to affordable housing,” said President Jackson. “There is no reason it should have taken this long to release these bonds. It was the will of the voters, it will make affordable housing more available and lead to more construction jobs. It’s a win-win for Maine and I applaud Gov. Mills for taking quick and decisive action during her first month in office.”


The release of the bonds will bring in $22.5 million in matching federal funds. Together, these funds will be used to build about 225 new affordable housing units for Maine seniors and improve existing structures in the state.

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