President Jackson releases statement on making election day a state holiday

AUGUSTA— On Wednesday, the Legislature’s Committee on State and Local Government held a public hearing on legislation to make Election Day a state holiday. Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, released the following statement:


President Troy Jackson:

“Government is at its best when all Mainers are able to make their voices heard, whether it’s through testifying on a bill, contacting your elected official or voting at the ballot box. For too many working Mainers, getting to the polls in the middle of a workday can be a real challenge. In my district and many other rural parts of the state, driving to your polling location can mean taking quite the detour from your daily commute. Our goal is to make it easier for all Mainers to vote – Republican, Democrat or Independent. Making Election Day a state holiday is a good way to make sure people have the time to vote.”



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