Presiding Officers release statement on State of the Budget

AUGUSTA – Governor Janet Mills delivered her State of the Budget address tonight after submitting her biennial budget to the State Legislature in January. The Presiding Officers released the following statements:
Senate President Troy Jackson: 
“As I watched Gov. Janet T. Mills give the State of the Budget address at home, like most Mainers, I was struck by her commitment to loggers and wood-haulers. The key to revitalizing our economy includes long-term investments in both emerging industries and heritage industries that have a track record of keeping Mainers working and communities going for generations. It’s why I’m glad that both the proposed budget and bond package reflect that. Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that Maine must take more aggressive action on longstanding priorities including high-speed reliable internet, affordable child care, career and technical education and health care. The best way to honor and do right by Maine people after a year of uncertainty and pain is to address the problems within our state head-on. My colleagues and I have already begun working on these critical issues in the Legislature, and we look forward to partnering with the governor to deliver for Maine people.”

Speaker of the House Ryan Fecteau:
“ While Governor Mills described the hard year, I couldn’t help but reflect on all our state has been through. Looking ahead, that vision she outlined for a strong future is extremely motivating to me. The budget demonstrates the governor’s commitment to making progress for Maine families, while working to rebuild our state’s economy. We’ll remain laser focused on giving our children an excellent education from early childhood onwards, increasing access to affordable and accessible healthcare, making smart investments in broadband and childcare, expanding our workforce and putting Mainers back to work, while lowering property taxes. The legislative branch will now work closely with the governor to fulfill these obligations to our people and I will be proud to work on a budget that gets us on a path of recovery.”


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