Senate Democrats unanimously support bill to provide tax relief to Maine service members

AUGUSTA — Senate Democrats on Thursday unanimously voted to support a bill to provide tax relief for Maine service members. LD 72, “An Act To Provide an Income Tax Exemption for Military Pay without Regard to Where the Military Service Was Performed,” sponsored by Sen. Jim Dill, D-Old Town, would exempt service members from paying income tax while on active duty in the state.


“Many Mainers serve our country honorably in the military. As legislators, we need to do all we can to support them,” said Sen. Dill. “I’m proud that my colleagues voted to approve this common-sense measure that would provide tax relief that our service members clearly deserve.”


Current law provides an exemption for military compensation for service performed outside of Maine. This bill would extend that law to include military service performed within the state.


“All of us know someone who has served in the military, and some of us know those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country,” said President Jackson. “This bill  gives some relief to our servicemen and women while they are serving our country.”


LD 72 faces further votes in the Maine Senate and House, before further action in the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee.

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