Senate President Jackson bill to include haulers in Logging Dispute Resolution Board becomes law

AUGUSTA– Last week, LD 511 “An Act to Clarify That Haulers Are Under the Jurisdiction of the Logging Dispute Resolution Board” became law. The legislation, introduced by Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, ensures that Haulers of forest products can go before the Board, which was created by legislation passed during the 130th Legislature.

“Logging is one of Maine’s most recognized heritage industries. Its significance to our state’s history and in its future cannot be overstated,” said Pres. Jackson. “As a fifth generation logger, one who has harvested wood through the cut and haul, I know the risks these men and women take to support their families. Since hauling is essential in the harvesting of trees, including it in this section of law will better protect a logger’s livelihood if the need for arbitration ever arises.”

The Logging Dispute Resolution Board has jurisdiction over forest landowners who own more than 50,000 acres of land and the independent contractors who harvest trees from that land for the landowner.  The board has the authority to decide disputes related to wage violations, payout amounts, contracts violations, or disputes related to hiring.


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