Senate unanimously confirms Judge Rick E. Lawrence to Maine Supreme Judicial Court

President Jackson and members of the Senate Democratic Caucus with Judge Lawrence and Governor Mills just prior to the senate confirmation vote.

AUGUSTA — On Tuesday, the Maine Senate voted to confirm Judge Rick E. Lawrence to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. Judge Lawrence is the first Black Mainer to be appointed to the state’s highest court. Senate Democrats released the following statements in support of this historic confirmation:

Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash:

“Government is at its best when it reflects the diversity and experiences of Maine people. With the historic appointment of Judge Lawrence to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, Maine is inching closer to this goal. In his 22 years on the bench, Judge Lawrence has proven to be smart, tough, compassionate and fair. Amid the uncertainty in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Judge Lawrence worked to ensure that Mainers could still get justice through the District Court system, implementing new technology while working to ensure the health and safety of staff and the public. Between his impressive resume and two decades of leadership on the District Court, it was truly an honor to support the historic nomination of Judge Lawrence to Maine’s highest court.” 

Sen. Anne Carney, Senate Chair of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee:

“As co-chair of the Judiciary Committee, I was honored and proud to facilitate the judicial confirmation hearing for District Judge Rick Lawrence last week. No stranger to breaking barriers, Judge Lawrence made history when he became the first African American judge in Maine 22 years ago. On the bench he is known for his wisdom, kindness and legal expertise, especially in family law matters. Today, my colleagues and I watched this highly qualified judge make history again by voting to confirm Judge Lawrence’s appointment to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. He now becomes the first African American to sit on Maine’s highest court.”

Sen. Craig Hickman:

“Judge Lawrence has decades of experience in the court that is near and dear to my heart. As an adoptee, I know the vital importance of family court services, especially to protect all our children from neglect and abuse. It brings pure joy to my heart to see such an esteemed candidate nominated for this position. As the first Black lawmaker to serve in the Maine Senate in a generation, I take particular pride in being able to vote to confirm the first Black justice to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. This is a momentous day for Maine. My parents are smiling down from heaven.”


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