Senate sends responsible bipartisan budget to governor’s desk

t’s hard to overstate what this budget will mean for working-class families. It is a budget that answers the call of the moment and delivers for parents on child care, paid family and medical leave, and the dependent tax credit, making it just a little easier for folks to make ends meet. It will give those of us who live in rural areas peace of mind knowing that when we call 9-1-1, we can count on emergency medical services professionals to show up in our hour of need.

President Jackson’s comprehensive child care bill clears committee

AUGUSTA — The Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee endorsed an amended proposal from Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, that would improve access to quality, affordable child care in a party-line vote on Thursday. The proposed legislation – LD 1726, “An Act to Build Maine’s Economy by Supporting Child Care for Working Families” – would […]

Pres. Jackson stresses need to invest in child care on White House call

Maine’s child care system isn’t working for anyone – parents, providers or small businesses. There simply isn’t enough quality, affordable child care in the state. The child care providers that are open can’t afford to do this work and are struggling to hire workers for the same reason. We must do better.

Pres. Jackson honored with Children’s Champion Award

I’m enormously proud of what we were able to accomplish for Maine children, families and child care providers this year. Today, we are one step closer towards a child care system that actually works for everyone involved, and it would not be possible without the organizations like MaineAEYC. But make no mistake, our work is not done.

Senate approves Jackson child care proposal

Too many Maine children and families lack access to quality, affordable child care. At the same time, Maine child care providers continue to operate at a loss to care for our kids. The system isn’t working for anyone and it’s only been made worse by the pandemic.

Jackson child care bill earns bipartisan support in committee

 AUGUSTA – The Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee overwhelmingly approved a bill from Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash to expand access to quality, affordable child care in Maine with bipartisan support on Wednesday. The vote was 9-1, with three committee members absent.  LD 1712, An Act To Support Children’s Healthy Development and School Success would expand […]

President Jackson introduces the Kids First Plan

All children deserve a chance to live a healthy, happy and productive life. Where a kid lives or how much their parents make shouldn’t ever prevent them from getting ahead. Yet, too many children go to school hungry regularly. How can we expect them to learn on an empty stomach? If parents don’t have a safe place to drop their kids off to learn while they go to work, how can we expect parents to make ends meet for their families? And if child care workers aren’t supported, how can we expect them to stay open? Things were difficult before the COVID-19 pandemic. But there is no question that this crisis has had an outsized influence on our kids. The Kids First plan makes Maine kids a priority as we work to normalcy. We must ask ourselves what does it mean to truly put our kids first — and then, follow through.