Senate approves bill to improve homeownership through student debt relief

Policies that make it easier for working families to make a good life here in Maine are good for all of us. For parents and grandparents, it is about keeping our loved ones close. For communities and businesses, it’s about making sure we have a new generation of workers and community leaders. With one of the oldest populations in the union, there is a whole generation of Mainers getting ready to retire, and we need young people to fill these roles and carry on this legacy. LD 1978 is about making it possible for young people to stay in Maine and make a life for themselves whether they were born here or have chosen to make this state their home.

Jackson, Legislative Democrats unveil plan to help Mainers heat their homes, keep the lights on

Maine people expect solutions from their elected officials, not excuses or finger-pointing. That’s why Legislative Democrats have come together to provide relief now and lower prices in the long term. With this plan, we can ensure that Mainers can afford to not just stay in their homes but heat their homes and keep the lights on while also providing for their families. We can also make sure small business owners can afford to pay their energy bills, keep their doors open and contribute to our economy.