Pres. Jackson testifies in favor of legislation to support lobster harvesters challenging unfair federal regulations

Many Mainers have been helping their families haul traps since they were able to walk and hold a rope. But the economic impact of Maine’s $1.4 billion lobster industry extends beyond those who earn a living hauling traps. The hard work of our lobstering community has created a demand that brings business to restaurants, grocers, truckers, storage facilities, and more. This won’t solve all the issues facing the lobstering community, but it will help ensure that lobster harvesters have a voice in future discussions, and make sure that their voice cannot be ignored.

Jackson, Legislative Council vote to join lawsuit in support of Maine lobstermen

AUGUSTA – Today, Maine’s Legislative Council unanimously voted to sign on to a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court in Bangor, seeking emergency relief related to the impending closure of Lobster Management Area 1. Last month, the Maine Legislature overwhelmingly approved a joint order from Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, allowing the 10-member, […]

Jackson condemns fed lobstering regulations

I’m deeply disappointed that NOAA has decided to dismiss the voices of Maine’s lobstering workforce and chosen to go ahead with damaging regulations that do nothing more than hurt our fishermen, while the real threat to right whales remains — Canadian ships.