Senate unanimously approves nominee to lead Maine’s Office of Affordable Health Care

The Office of Affordable Health Care reflects the need for a nonpartisan, independent state agency that is dedicated to identifying meaningful, evidence-based steps the Legislature can take to make health care more affordable and accessible for the people we represent. This will be an enormous undertaking but Megan Garratt-Reed has proven that she has what it takes to build and successfully lead this type of state agency. I am confident that the entire state will benefit from her commitment to the pursuit of evidence-based policies that make health care work for more Mainers.

Jackson celebrates anniversary of ACA

As we celebrate the ACA, state and federal lawmakers must double-down on efforts to ensure that working families and older Mainers can get the quality, affordable health care they deserve. That means standing up to ‘Big Pharma’ on prescription drug prices, reining in health care costs and fighting back against efforts to erode health care coverage through the sale of sham insurance plans and discrimination against preexisting conditions. After 12 years of the ACA, we can’t afford to go backward. Mainers and Americans deserve better.