Committee approves bill seeking approval for northern Maine transmission line

Connecting Aroostook County to the ISO-New England could be a game-changer for the region. Not only would it support quality, good-paying jobs, but it would also grow our supply of cheap, clean, renewable energy — energy that is desperately needed. I’m grateful to the bipartisan group of lawmakers on the Legislature’s Energy Committee who voted in favor of this proposal. It brings us one step closer to making the Northern Maine Transmission Line a reality.

Pres. Jackson, Senate Dem Leaders condemn anti-abortion ruling

I know people across this state and country are scared as the outrageous and malicious rulings continue to pile up. But all I can promise is this: Maine Senate Democrats will fight to protect your fundamental rights. We will hold the line against harmful anti-abortion legislation, and we will work to ensure that you have the resources and ability to exercise your right to an abortion.

Legislature enacts commonsense current services budget

Our job as elected officials is to represent the people who have placed their faith and trust and fight for their best interests. That is not something I take lightly. For me, this responsible baseline budget is about keeping our promise to Maine people — a promise to fund rural hospitals, a promise to fully fund our schools, a promise to make sure no child has to learn on an empty stomach and a promise to provide meaningful property tax relief. These are initiatives are foundational to the health, well-being, and success of Maine’s people and economy. Tonight, the Legislature followed through on that promise.

Pres. Jackson, Lieutenant Governors from 22 States Form Coalition to Protect Reproductive Freedom

The right to decide if and when to start a family is fundamental to who we are as Americans and our freedom. It’s a deeply personal decision — one that should not be made by politicians or justices with political agendas. Efforts to undermine reproductive freedom, and abortion rights, are anti-family, anti-Maine and anti-American. I’m proud to stand with my colleagues from across the country as a part of the Coalition to Protect Reproductive Freedom.

Pres. Jackson introduces bill to permit the use of courthouse facility dogs

“This legislation is intended to offer some comfort and solace to individuals, especially children, dealing with the criminal justice system in the aftermath of a traumatic event,” said President Jackson. “Thank you to DA Collins for bringing this idea forward and looking for innovative ways to make our criminal justice system more accessible.”

Pres. Jackson lauds appointment of Hon. Mike Carpenter to Logging Dispute Resolution Board

Mike Carpenter has dedicated his entire life to making sure folks get a fair shake – whether serving as Maine’s Attorney General, the Chair of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee, or as a Guardian ad Litem. With his appointment to the Maine Logging Dispute Resolution Board, Maine logging contractors can be confident that their grievances will be taken seriously by someone who is trustworthy, experienced and familiar with the industry.

Bill to bolster drought relief program for farmers clears committee

“Farming is a critical part of Maine’s heritage, character and economy. As extreme weather conditions persist, the state must partner with individual farmers and industry leaders and take proactive steps to protect this key economic sector and important part of who we are,” said President Jackson.