Jackson universal school meal bill earns Senate approval

Hunger is something that children just shouldn’t have to worry about. Yet, too many kids go to school hungry and are expected to learn on an empty stomach. It’s really hard not to get choked up about it. With this bill, we can make sure all children have a chance to focus on learning to read, play with their friends and just be a kid. I’m grateful that the Senate could join together and pass this bill.

Pres. Jackson’s universal school meal bill earns bipartisan support in committee

AUGUSTA — The Legislature’s Education and Cultural Affairs Committee approved a bill from Senate President Troy Jackson, D-Allagash, to reduce student hunger in a vote of 11-2 last week. LD 1679, An Act To Address Student Hunger through Expanding Access to Free School Meals would make School Breakfast and National School Lunch programs available to […]

President Jackson introduces the Kids First Plan

All children deserve a chance to live a healthy, happy and productive life. Where a kid lives or how much their parents make shouldn’t ever prevent them from getting ahead. Yet, too many children go to school hungry regularly. How can we expect them to learn on an empty stomach? If parents don’t have a safe place to drop their kids off to learn while they go to work, how can we expect parents to make ends meet for their families? And if child care workers aren’t supported, how can we expect them to stay open? Things were difficult before the COVID-19 pandemic. But there is no question that this crisis has had an outsized influence on our kids. The Kids First plan makes Maine kids a priority as we work to normalcy. We must ask ourselves what does it mean to truly put our kids first — and then, follow through.