Maine people work hard and don’t ask for much, but they deserve quality, good-paying jobs that offer fair benefits and a safe work environment.

As a fifth-generation logger, I know what’s it’s like to go without health insurance and barely scrape by while working an 80  hour week. That just isn’t right.

Mainers take pride in our work. It’s why we are known for being the best shipbuilders, lobstermen, loggers and farmers. It’s why our local food industry has taken off and our tourism industry is thriving. Mainers do good work, and we deserve an inclusive economy that reflects that. We deserve an economy that doesn’t prioritize the wealthy but allows all income brackets the opportunity to thrive. 

In Augusta, I’m working hard to protect the rights of workers and make sure they get a fair shake.

Too often, politicians forget about the people that put in the long hours. They are quick to look over the people that wake up early, head to work each day, and aren’t sure how things will end up at the end of the week. Here’s my promise: As long as I’m in Augusta, Maine working families can rest assured that I have their back.

Legislative Wins

Stood up for the rights of Maine loggers and wood haulers to form a cooperative to advocate for fair wages, safe work environments and reasonable hours.

Invested in companies that create good-paying jobs and offer fair benefits for Mainers in the potato industry.

Fought to ensure equal pay for equal work and voted for a first-in-the-nation earned paid time off policy so Mainers don’t have to choose between their health and their paycheck.