Maine veterans have served our country and state with integrity and honor. We can ease their transition backhome, into the workforce and into Maine life.

While we cannot bring our fallen heroes back, we can do better by the men and women who come home. 

In Maine, we have more than 100,000 veterans living and working all across the state. That’s a high percentage of our people.  They actually make up roughly 10 percent of the total population in Aroostook County. When these men and women return home to our state, we ought to the resources and tools in place so they can successfully reintegrate into our communities. This includes improving access to physical and mental health care, making sure veterans can take time off from work for appointments at the VA, and streamlining licensing requirements so their work in the military can easily transition into other relevant jobs. 

However, we also need to make sure that no veteran gets left behind when they return home, even if they stumble and fall a bit.

All of these are small gestures to support our servicemen and women and their families. I will continue to have the backs of those who have fought to protect this state and country.

Legislative Wins

We passed a law to create veteran-friendly workplaces, requiring that employers give veterans time off to attend VA appointments.  

We passed a law allowing Mainers to donate their moose hunting permit to a vet, because we should all find a way to honor the veterans in our lives. 

We supported local organizations that work to reduce veteran homelessness. Nobody that has dedicated their life to our country should be left on the streets.

We passed a law to allow those who hold the gold star family registration plates to receive complimentary licenses to hunt, trap and fish.